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Wilson C. Lucom, an American expatriate moved to Panama and died a resident of Panama. He died leaving no children whatsoever of his own. He left a Last Will and Testament that provided well for his widow, his stepdaughter from a prior marriage, his distant relatives and Mayo Clinic. However, almost all of his fortune of over One Hundred Million Dollar ($100,000,000) was dedicated to his Foundation that was intended to feed and then make self sufficient, the poor children of Panama. Panama has one of the highest death rates for deaths of children from malnutrition related diseases. The gift is the largest of its kind in Panama’s history.

Lucom‘s widow Hilda Lucom, his third wife, has become the vehicle by which a Panama attorney and two of Hilda’s children from her first marriage, who live in Panama, have attempted to illegally take the entire estate of Wilson C. Lucom for themselves (the “Perpetrators”).1/

Lucom’s Last Will and Testament appointed Richard S. Lehman, his long time friend and U.S. attorney of 31 years as the Executor of Lucom’s Will. This appointment was finalized by the Panama Probate Court and Lehman was sworn in as the sole Executor of Lucom’s Estate in July of 2006 by the Panama Court. As the sole Executor of Lucom’s Estate, Lehman was charged with the obligation of protecting Lucom’s Estate and distributing Lucom’s assets of approximately $100,000,000 Million to its beneficiaries, principally, the poor children of Panama.

Hilda is 89 years old and suffers from a host of medical illnesses and dementia. Using Hilda as a front to bring legal actions, the Perpetrators attempted to nullify Lucom’s Will in Panama. Knowing that this was legally impossible, they attempted to bring the full brunt of Panama’s corrupt legal system against the only person legally able to stand in the way of the theft of Lucom’s fortune, the Executor and defender of Lucom’s will.

1/ The widow’s first husband whose children are opposing Lucom’s will was Gilberto Arias (now deceased) who was the scion of one of the most powerful political families of Panama who count two Presidents of Panama in their lineage. One of the two children of Hilda, who is opposing the gift to Panama’s poor children, is Gilberto Arias, Jr., Panama’s present Ambassador to the Country of Great Britain.

Lehman successfully defended the Will against its nullification by Hilda for more than four years and agreed to work with Panama’s largest charities in distributing Lucom’s money. However, in doing so he became the only obstacle to overturning the Will and those intending to thwart Lucom’s wishes wanted to remove him.

The story of the extent to which the corruption has developed in order to steal the poor children’s inheritance is discussed below. (Full case index can be viewed here)

Section II. Human Rights Abuse Lawsuit – Corruption of the Panama Criminal Judicial System.

Section II of the Index deals with the corruption in the Panama criminal system. The Panama criminal justice system was systematically used to prevent Lehman from asserting all of his rights as the appointed Executor. Three false groups of criminal charges led to indictments and false arrests without any hearing.

Immediately after his appointment as Executor, Lehman was falsely accused by the Perpetrators of 15 crimes in Panama, falsely indicted on five of those crimes, falsely imprisoned under armed guard on two of those five crimes and falsely listed as a “Red Notice Alert,” (Red Notice Alert in spanish) dangerous criminal, by the Panama branch of Interpol.

To deprive him of counsel in Panama, Lehman’s lawyer was falsely arrested by the Panama Branch of Interpol and several of his lawyers have been threatened with extortion threats to their livelihood. All at the direction of Hilda’s lawyers. Lehman refused a $3.0 Million bribe made by Hilda’s lawyer to get him out of the way. The bribery attempt had witnesses. It was reported but never investigated by the Panamanian authorities.

All of the false criminal charges against lehman were proven by all nine justices of the panama supreme court to be false and illegal. These charges were used to extort Lehman with a genuine fear of arrest that prevented him from going to the Country of Panama for more than four years. These false criminal charges, that lasted from September 11, 2006, through December 10, 2010, would have and did in fact cause the false arrest of Lehman in Panama without the benefit of a hearing with no charges then pending.

All of this is reflected in the Human Right Abuse Lawsuit. Some of the abuses are listed below.

This Human Rights Lawsuit charges Panama with 13 Human Rights Treaty violations including:

  • A False Murder Charge against Richard S. Lehman
  • Gang Conspiracy and Related Charges of Stealing Lucom’s Estate
  • Extortion and Slander Charges
  • Red Notice Alert False Listing by Panama Interpol
  • False Arrests Panama Airport, February 2009

Also reflected in the Human Rights Abuse Lawsuit is the history and proof of the corruption of the Civil Law system.

Section III. Corruption of the Panama Probate Court.

Section III of the Index deals with the Corruption of the Panama Civil Justice system. Starting less than two months after Lehman’s July 5th 2006, appointment as Executor, on August 31, 2006 and continuing throughout his term as the appointed Executor, three illegal and unconstitutional rulings were issued by the Panama Probate Court which had the effect of “tainting” Lehman’s legal appointment as Executor so that his administrative powers were restricted during this time.

The rulings were issued by a Panama Probate Judge who was under indictment at the time for selling judicial favors. During the course of this case the corrupt judge illegally appointed an Administrator to replace Lehman as Executor of Lucom’s Estate, who proceeded to help the perpetrators steal more than $10,000,000 from the Estate. Among the documents in this Section you will find:

Order No. 1227-2006, Unconstitutional Illegal Suspension of Lehman’s Rights of Executor, August 31, 2007
Order No. 952 – Unconstitutional Illegal Order Voiding Lehman’s Appointment as Executor
Order No. 587 – The same Judge Admitting he had no Jurisdiction to void Lehman’s Appointment as Executor

The documents will show that every single one of these orders was dismissed as illegal and unconstitutional.

The Corruption of the Florida Legal System

Section IV. Panama’s Corruption of the Florida Court System.

Section IV involves the judicial system of the State of Florida. Panama’s judicial corruption did not stop at Panama’s shores. In the third set of documents an illegal, unconstitutional Panama ruling was produced, specifically to be introduced in the Florida Court system.

Two of the three, corrupt illegal and unconstitutional court rulings issued by the Panama Probate Court, (Order No. 952 and Order No. 1227-2006 download Order No. 1227-2006 in spanish) were introduced in the Florida Probate Court as evidence of the Panamanian law. This resulted in a judgment against Lehman based on the Florida Probate Judge’s improper interpretation of Panama law that was fraudulently presented in the illegal and unconstitutional Panama documents. This injured Lehman’s financial position, his reputation and ability to defend himself and the Estate in Panama. This judgment, most of which was overturned in a Motion for Rehearing by the same Florida Court, was used extensively in Panama to falsely discredit Lehman.

The main basis for an improper judgment against Lehman in the Florida Court was the Panama Probate Judge’s false ruling. This false ruling was contradicted not only by the Panama Judge himself in subsequent rulings, but also was dismissed by the Panama Superior Court and the Florida Courts.

The documents in Section IV show that this illegally obtained Florida judgment was partially overturned and will be completely dismissed shortly on Appeal.

The Florida Judgment relied principally on a mistaken point of Panama law provided by the Panama Judge to hold that Lehman was never appointed the Executor of the Lucom Estate.

The Florida Judgment stated:

Unequivocal evidence received at trial proved the July 5, 2006 Panama Order appointing Lehman “Executor” of the domiciliary estate . . . was automatically and immediately null and void when Hilda P. Lucom filed her appeal of that Order on July 18, 2006. At all times material to the action before the court, Lehman was not installed or properly serving as the Albacea of the Panama Estate. (See Index IV)

This critically important mistake by the Florida Probate Court that branded Lehman a fraud was reversed by a Rehearing. This result can be found at Paragraph 5 of the rehearing Order, where the Rehearing Judge, in commenting on Lehman’s appointment as the Executor stated the following:

There is no dispute that on or about July 5, 2006, Lehman secured an order in Panama installing himself as Albacea of the Estate of Wilson C. Lucom, who died a Panama resident on June 2, 2006. Index IV (c), Paragraph 5. (See Index IV. c)

For an Extended Discussion of this matter see Index VII.

The Human Rights Abuses – The Panamanian Supreme Court Decision of August 6, 2010.

Section V. Corruption of the Panama Supreme Court.

Section V of the Index shows that the Panama Supreme Court in a decision issued on August 6, 2010 violated numerous principles of law and completely ignored the fact that Richard Lehman was appointed and installed as the Albacea of the Estate of Wilson C. Lucom by the Panama Probate Court on July 5, 2006 and that the gift to Panama’s children and Lehman’s position as Albacea was confirmed by a Panama Superior Court ruling in 2007 and reconfirmed by several Appellate Court rulings thereafter. The Panama Supreme Court ignored this and rewrote Lucom’s Will.

During the entire time Lehman defended the will, Hilda, Lucom’s widow, was attempting to nullify the will. Nevertheless, in direct opposition to Lucom’s Will, the three Justices of the Panama Supreme Court gave Hilda Lucom 100% of Lucom’s Estate and nothing to the poor children.

In spite of this, the Panama Supreme Court, on August 6, 2010, after more than four years, replaced Lehman as the Albacea with Hilda Lucom, the decedent’s widow, retroactively TO THE DATE OF Lehman’s initial appointment as the sole Albacea.

This corrupt panama supreme court decision was immediately frozen and cannot be implemented due to its opposition in civil and criminal actions in the panama courts and congress.

Section VI. The Aftermath.

The Index Section marked the Aftermath, Section VI, looks at the latest developments which consist of several favorable actions that have taken place leading to one final critical Motion that can save this fortune for Panama’s kids. As a result of this corrupt Supreme Court decision, it can be seen that someone high up in the Panama government wants this result changed. The following events occurred immediately after the corrupt Panama decision became public.

Panama Public Prosecutor – Nullification Filing.

In November of 2010, a document was filed by the Panama Public Prosecutor which is the key document that now exists that could reverse all of the wrong doing in this case with one vote by the entire Panama Superior Court. (download this document)

This critical Motion by the Panama Public Prosecutor calls for the nullification of every corrupt legal action taken against the Estate of Wilson C. Lucom. At the same time this Prosecutor’s Motion requests that one single order in this case be honored. THIS IS THE ORDER THAT APPOINTED LEHMAN AS THE SOLE EXECUTOR OF LUCOM’s ESTATE AND NAMED LUCOM’s FOUNDATION FOR THE POOR CHILDREN OF PANAMA AS THE SOLE UNIVERSAL HEIR. The Panamanian Public Prosecutor has advocated for this result.

Criminal Complaint against Corrupt Panama Justices.

In October 2010, the public Notary who witnessed, transcribed and swore to Lucom’s Will, Mario Chizmar, Lucom’s notary public that transcribed Lucom’s Will filed a Criminal Complaint in the Panama Congress against the three corrupt Supreme Court Justices who issued the corrupt ruling. (download this document)

Criminal Complaint against Corrupt Panama Justices.

In addition, Lehman filed his own Criminal Complaint against the three Justices.(download this document)

Constitutional Challenge of Corrupt Supreme Court Opinion (the “Amparo”).

On November 2010, a Constitutional challenge was filed. This Constitutional Complaint had the effect of freezing the corrupt ruling so that it could not be implemented until the entire membership of the Supreme Court decided to rule on the issue. (download criminal complaint)

Section VIII. Hacienda Santa Monica development (view The Development Plan)


This includes an extended discussion on the two events in Florida. It shows the intricate details of the fraud upon the Florida Court resulting in Lehman’s Florida Judgment. (download Appendix A in spanish)

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